Redesign of the entire first floor and main entry façade creates a welcoming and efficient pedestrian flow from North Charles Street, and reinforces Mosaic’s character as a positive anchor in the community.

Mosaic is a regional not-for-profit organization that provides community-based mental health services to adults and children. The renovation acts as a catalyst to establish a fully integrated outpatient healthcare model that provides both mental and somatic health services in the same facility.


  • Community-based mental health facility
  • 30,000 sf renovation
This project allocated the lobby and main programs to the first floor. The new lobby was designed to convey a sense of welcome and openness, in line with Mosaic’s mission.A corridor with “break-out” spaces for casual meetings. Intake area with acoustic privacy. Exam room.Communicating stair strengthens the connection between programs existing on the first and second floors.


Mosaic Community Services