As a result of the August 2011 earthquake, notable damage to the national historic landmark Basilica, designed by the noted American architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe in the early 1800s, included visible cracks in the plaster at walls, vaults, arches, and domes, as well as exterior brick masonry and plaster damage.

Interior and exterior repairs, including exterior stucco repair at the two bell towers, returned the Basilica to its glory.


  • National Historic Landmark
  • Built in the early 1800's
  • Stabilization and repair of earthquake damage
  • 20,000 SF religious facility


  • Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award
Extensive repairs were made to interior plaster, and all surfaces were repainted.Multiple level scaffolding and platforms were constructed to allow overhead repairs to be made without impacting the space below.Final painting in progress.Scaffold draping and lighting was specified so that the church could remain open for weekend worship and scheduled weddings.Both bell towers required repair.

Remaining operational during repairs

A key aspect of the work at the Basilica required that the church remain open and “presentable” for weekend worship and previously scheduled weddings. The team also led the exterior restoration of the Archbishop’s Residence that stands adjacent to the Basilica. Along with the exterior renovation of the Archbishop’s Residence that stands adjacent to the Basilica, the team’s design ultimately enhanced the architectural clarity of the campus.